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Ms. Rose's Latin Phrases & Mottoes - AbleMedia

...Latin mottoes through our extensive collection of Latin phrases and mottoes from colleges, universities and embroidered samplers. (download the pdf)


Students alive to dead languages - Sydney Morning Herald

May 22, 2014 ... Source: Rose Williams' Latin phrases and mottos at This story is part of an editorial ...


Texas Classical Association "Journal Excerpts" Numerous articles, including Rose Williams' What I Teach and Why and How.


NoDictionaries reformats a Latin text to define each word right under where it's used. Adjust vocab to however much or little you want, and click on words for more information


Lacus Curtius - A Gateway to Ancient Rome Bill Thayer's massive Classics website, which in 2008 had 2786 pages, 690 photos, 675 drawings & engravings, 118 plans, 66 maps


Latin for the Very Young an article by Rose Williams


William Whitaker's Words Latin to English or English to Latin: type in a word and get it in the other language


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