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Examining Vergil’s Aeneid

2005, L and L Publications


A Latin workbook stressing figures of speech, character studies, and creative work with selections from the Aeneid both Latin and English.

Tres Porculi

2006, L and L Enterprises


Three Little Pigs in Latin along with exercises, oral conversations, and teacher materials.

Catullus, Horace, and Ovid: A Trio of Lyrical Treats

2007, L and L Enterprises


A booklet of English skits covering all the poems on the AP Lyric syllabus and their authors. Includes a biography of each poet and a survey of his later influence. Helps familiarize the students with the poems and the poets.


Gods and Other Odd Creatures 2007, CicadaSun


A survey comparing Greek and Roman gods, their festivals and temples, and the unique attitude the ancients showed toward their deities.


This title is also available from Amazon and L and L Publications.


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