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I Am Singing Latin Songs by Rose Williams and CC Couch companion to I Am Reading Latin Stories, 2010


Complete Set (20 MP3s PDF Book $16.99)


Includes a reading plus story and grammar songs for each book and a PDF ebook for each


Ursus et Porcus (5MP3s, PDF ebook) $4.99


Octavus Octopus (5 MP3s, PDF ebook) $4.99


Taurus Rex (5 MP3s, PDF ebook) $4.99


Rena Rhinoceros (5 MP3s, PDF ebook) $4.99





Lingua et Lengua

by Rose Williams with Scott Hadley, 2010


PDF Student Textbook and PDF Teacher's Manual $20.00


If you know some Latin, learn some Spanish. If you know some Spanish, learn some Latin 24 MP3 Audio Lessons (12 in Latin, 12 in Spanish)


Requires Adobe Reader and ability to play MP3

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