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Little Latin Fables provide your students with listening, reading, and speaking Latin experience.


Two illustrated fables: Asinus Hērōicus, The Heroic Donkey and Lupus et Flōrēs, The Wolf and the Flowers include the Latin audio for each story, vocabulary, and written exercises.


The stories can be printed and used as a traditional lesson or used on a computer/mobile device.


Download the PDF and save it to your computer/device.


If you are using it as a printout lesson print the PDF. The audio is embedded in the PDF, keep the PDF available to play the audio for your students.


If you are using it as an interactive lesson save the PDF to your  computer/device and make the PDF available to your students to download to their computer/device. Using the interactive lesson the student needs to save the PDF after typing answers into the document. Answers will not automatically be saved, the student will be saving/using the PDF on their own computer/device.


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