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Veni, Vidi, Vici, Michael O’Mara Books, Ltd. London, 1999. (translator)


Issued as Which way to the Vomitorium, St. Martin’s Press.


A spoof guidebook to ancient Rome, providing in Latin and in English useful phrases the traveler may need, such as “Are these dormice fresh?” and “Could I meet a gladiator after the show?”



Going to Hades is Easy,

Michael O’Mara Books, Ltd. London, 2000


Issued as Latin Quips at your Fingertips, Barnes and Noble, 2001 (at B&N)


A collection of Roman quotes, given in Latin and in English, about the unchanging ways of man.



“Always expect people to think the worst” Ovid.


“Going to Hades is easy; it’s the coming back that’s tough.” Vergil.





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